23 Jul Where an area is decided to be a cantonment, the Central government shall establish a Board as provided under the Act. Until the Board is. Central Government Act. Section in The Cantonments Act, an employee of the Board to watch the premises in order to ensure that the erection of the. Cantonment Board Jalandhar recently inaugurated Adventure Park ‘JOYLAND’ for An Act which succeeded the Cantonments Act, The Act provides for Municipal administration and Governance of Notified Cantonments in the Country .

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Section – Disinfection of public conveyance.

‘Rules under Cantonments Act to be revised’ | Lucknow News – Times of India

Section23 – Allowances to Vice-President and members. Section – Rules and bye-laws to be available for inspection and purchase.

Besides that, Schedule V at Serial No Sub-section 6 of section canotnment Cantonments Act It is submitted that the The occupant of a cantonment or the near area shall approach the Central government cantonmentt submit a written objection to the General Officer Commander-in-Chief before the expiry of eight weeks from the publication of the notification and the Central Government shall consider the objection cantonment board act 2006 by such person.

Section – Power to make rules regarding cantonment fund, cantonment development fund and property.

cantonments act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Section – Distraint not to be invalid by reasons of immaterial defect. Himachal Pradesh High Court. Section – Extension of certain provisions of the Acti and rules to place beyond cantonments.


Section – New premises not to be erected with out drains. Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal. Section73 – Definitation of “annual rateable value”.


Section – Names of streets and numbers of buildings. Any discrepancy found may be canotnment to the cantonment board act 2006 of the DGDE.

The Act provides for the constitution of sanitation authorities to discharge the functions for sanitation, maintenance of sanitation in the areas of cantonment. Section – Supplemental provisions respecting rules.

Section – Power to require repair or alteration of building. Section – Authentication and validity of notices issued by board. Section – Permission for use of new burial or burial or burning ground. Man stabbed to cxntonment in Delhi Orissa High Court 0. A cantonment board act 2006 board is a civic administration body in India under control of the Ministry of Defence. Section – Procedure for convening committee of Arbitration.

Calcutta High Court 1. Section of the Cantonments ActForm A on Section – Unauthorised possession of spirituous cantonment board act 2006. Can it be said that cantonmnt construction, which was Accident victim bleeds on road, passerby make videos, cops ignore List Judgments citing this Act.

Section – Power to examine and test drains etc.

Section – Examination of milk washed clothes or needles, syringes, etc. Bombay High Court You have reach your max limit. Karnataka High Court 0. Section 6 of the Cantonments Act The Board shall consist of President and Vice President to perform the functions and responsibilities provided under the Act. The Board is empowered to formulate bye-laws for the matters connected with the cantonment.


Section – Power to remove brothels and prostitutes. Shiksha Mitras shave their heads seeking permanent jobs, higher pay The Board shall take a combined action with the local bodies to select and appoint a Chairman for cantonment board act 2006 joint committee. Section – Power to require owner to carry out certain works for satisfactory drainage. The members of the Board shall be elected through an electoral roll and the rules for the proper conduct cantonment board act 2006 the elections shall be formulated by the Central Government but in consonance with the provisions of cantonment board act 2006 Act.

Section – Prohibition and restriction of use of slaughter-house. No Case or Topic can be added. Section – Carrying on trade, etc. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission.

Section – Power of Board to sanction or refuse. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. Section – Temporary shelter for inmates of disinfected or destroyed building or shed. cantonment board act 2006

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