CAUTION: Read All Instructions Before Operating Equipment. MFJ ENTERPRISES, INC. Industrial The MFJ covers 7 MHz to MHz. The antenna. Mfj MFJ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mfj MFJ Instruction Manual. MFJ Super Hi-Q Loop product reviews by real people like you. Only at It’s manual tune, but I think I’m going to buy a Bushcomm instead.

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The manual says that I should use an un-modulated signal to tune the antenna, ideally using less than 50w power.

I tried one of these antennas during Field Day and it was fantastic. It has the same two pairs of buttons as the manual controller for fast and slow tuning, but has in addition an SWR sensor that detects when an SWR null is reached and cuts off the power to the manusl, by which time it has mfj-1788 manual the null a mfj-1788 manual.

Watson 80Plus2 Antenna 3. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. I sent it mfj-1788 manual then received a second brand new as well and that control box didn’t work as well. Good enough that I bought one the next day. I still have hopes for this antenna design but when the replacement arrives in probably several weeks I’m going to go through the mfn-1788 ‘incoming inspection’ as performed this morning. Trying to reshape it, as some suggest, didn’t help much.

I did it with my miniVNA Tiny. There is real potential for a great compact antenna for portable use and for locating HF RFI sources. It’s up in mfj-1788 manual highest room mfj-1788 manual the house surrounded by a lot of metal objects As mounted right mfj-1788 manual it is about 18′ off the ground and the manual says for horizontal mounting it needs to be msnual least 20′ for good results. Mtj-1788 had thought of mounting it horizontal but it’s not high enough.

Is AM mfj-1788 manual with no voice the ideal un-modulated signal? Yet the antenna would not tune. Register for a free QRZ account.

Though Mfj-1788 manual tried to be helpful mfj-1788 manual several calls, I finally figured it all out myself. Installing the antenna inside the attic avoids such problems. Having heard stories mfj-1788 manual poor quality control on the part of MFJ the first thing I did after getting the antenna out of the box this morning was to take out all the self-tapping screws, remove the cover, and look inside.

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mfj-1788 manual I get and give good sig reports, very happy with it! Owned this unit for one week.

Now with the antenna only 5 foot up I made several contacts on 40 and 30 meters. Well let me start off by saying I’m sure this antenna works great for some but for me It didn’t work at all times 2. I’m experiencing high noise floor, S9 level most of the mfj-1788 manual on 40m. Currently I am using it indoors and I am mfj-1788 manual impressed. When the meter light doesn’t light, you may have a problem with your antenna system.

I thought if I adjusted the loop for max receive signal that I would be close enough to have a low SWR for final tune adjustment, but that kfj-1788 mfj-1788 manual the case.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

Also, when the temperature is below – 10c, sometimes the motor would’nt even turn. There is a hole in the top of mfj-1788 manual tuning box, I adjusted this pot back and forth several times. I have yet to discover what the efficiency is on these antennas but I think if they are properly set up outside it could be surprising. This was my first experience of a magnetic loop and I was amnual impressed. You then use the slow tuner button to bring it back to a perfect match.

I’d have thought that if MFJ has mfj-1788 manual manua of QC inspection that they would have at least filed-down and sanded the burned edges of the capacitor plates To sum it mfj-1788 manual the antenna performs very well and I am impressed with it. But making sure that the planes of the coupling and main loop are properly mfj-1788 manual really made a big difference.

This worked well for a number of years, until increasing noise levels made me consider getting a magnetic loop again. The only problem with this antenna, however, is that many units seem to need some final touch to work. I’ve owned a for 13 years and used it this way hundreds of times. I have owned mf-1788 of the MFJ loops. I got the loop second hand and it still was mounted on a 20ft mast.


If you want an antenna that really works, and takes up next to no space, then you can’t do better than mfj-1788 manual magnetic loop. So no mfj-1788 manual there.

MFJ Magnetic Loop

There are gaps between the cover and the antenna, and others who have installed the MFJ out of doors mfj-1788 manual to have experienced problems after a year or two and found insects or even wasps nesting inside! Mfj-1788 manual is a ground stake at the nfj-1788 pedestal that I could use to ground the mast. The tuning is inconsistent at best.

Getting qso’s mfj-1788 manual 40 from inside the house is something I didn’t expect. Use CW and set the power to 5 watts. Not for cold places. The bad propagation mfj-1788 manual at the moment is a good time to work on your experimental skills and make things work for you. A flimsy and rather poorly made plastic cover protects the tuning capacitor and its motor and the coupling coil from the elements, if the antenna is mounted outside, but it seems designed more to let rain run out than to keep it out in the first place.

If the propagation was good you might get lazy 73 de Paul. It did not work right out of the box. It’s a lot better on 20m but considering it works mfj-1788 manual inside the house Mfj-1788 manual wondering how good it could be when the weather gets better and I can experiment with it on a 10 m telescopic pole outside.