MOTHER. BY MARSHA NORMAN. III Set for the New York production of ‘ NIGHT MOTHER. ‘NIGHT, MOTHER opened on Broadway at the John Golden. : ‘Night Mother. (Acting Edition for Theater Productions) ( ): Marsha Norman: Books. 1 Apr ”WE’VE got a good life here,” says Thelma Cates to her daughter, Jessie, in Marsha Norman’s new play, ”’Night, Mother.” Many would agree.

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‘night, Mother by Marsha Norman: Summary

She tells Jessie that she loves her and she should not commit suicide. The movie follows the script very closely, a happy rarity. Jessie plans the whole evening and makes a list of things she wants to do. She’d felt alone, invalidated, and she’d had noran thoughts and no one to share them with, surely she would have found forums related to her medical condition, and outlets for her thoughts and interests.

‘night, Mother Summary –

It’s dark yet honest, and very raw. Cecil left me because he made me choose between him and smoking. How can you mpther know what happens?

Her husband at the time, Dann Byck, Jr.

She blames her epileptic fits for her failings as a wife and mother and for her inability to hold a job. What I wonder most is, would the protagonist have chosen differently, if she’d had access to the internet?

We’re all afraid to die. The film added more characters, whereas the play featured only two performers. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Jun 28, Random rated it really liked it Shelves: She is divorced from a man whom she still loves. All of her arguments, however, twist themselves into being reasons that promote her daughter’s suicide, along with some of her statements which end up almost meaning that the suicide will be more inconvenient than devastating. Her mother, a matter-of-fact older woman, must come to face to face with the truth despite her wish to gloss it over as she battles her own mortality.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I almost highlighted ALL the lines. Powerful and poignant, whether it is read or performed. I fell off the horse because I didn’t know how to hold on. Jessie’s mother, conversely, has a hard time understanding her daughter’s motivation for suicide, as she herself is afraid of death, and spends the majority of the play trying to convince her daughter not to kill herself perhaps because she doesn’t want their daily routines to change or because she doesn’t want to have the responsibility of taking care of herself.

Well, your chest squeezes in and out and you sound like you’re gagging, sucking air in and out like you can’t breathe. A chilling story that runs the gamut of human emotions, I would be interested in seeing a playhouse production of this tale.

‘night, Mother | Marsha Norman

Aug 04, Ginger normab it it was amazing. Reading it as an maarsha was much different for me as it was when I was 10 years of age but still, I recall the same feelings and the same questions being raised in my own Nighht have been fascinated by this story since I was just a little girl.

Even though I prefer charming Southern stories to the grittiness, I rate Marsha Norman’s play 4 stars for its grit and rawness. The good thing about this play is that Jessie had a marzha to express herself.

Produced the year after Beth Henley won the Pulitzer for Crimes of the Heart, the two women ushered in a renaissance of Southern female play writing. Somebody who mainly just laid there and laughed at the colors waving around over her head and chewed on a Polka-dot whale and woke up knowing some new trick nearly every day and rolled over the drooled on the sheet and felt your hand pulling my quilt back up over me.

View all 7 comments. She sees her life as lacking in the positive and feels that it will not change.

Pulitzer Prize for Drama On a lonely night, Jessie shares her death plan with her mother, and there begins the play as her mother tries everything she can to get Jessie to change her mind.


She’s tired of her life, of disappointment, or heart-aches, marshq fight. Powerfully written, excellent dialogue, ‘Night Mother is a magnificent play of redemption, with one of the most iconic and powerful endings in the history of drama, redolent of a House marrsha Dolls.

Jun 02, C. She then aspires same love and care from her son, Dawson, but again her son gets married and starts living with his wife, away from Thelma.

You don’t know what dead is like. I cry every time I read it. Jessie now feels hurt and used. Both women have baggage lasting for their entire lives, and Thelma in desperation, attempts to talk Jessie out of it. Nothing in life has worked out for this woman, including raising a son who turned out to be a disappointing loser.

These are both simple country women, with Jessie being the quieter and less demonstrative and Thelma mmother more talkative.

It starts with Jessie, a woman who peacefully decides she wants to die, and niggt in her last day makes sure her mother is in better domestic shape Sometimes, you don’t know who to feel sorry for.

Just the little bit I watched has stayed with me after a good 20 years or so. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is a marvelous, if violent, play, which ought to echo through the years–as it has since its first publication. This brilliant Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Marsha Norman examines the conflict between the will to survive and the choice not to. It reminded nigbt why did I love literature. The play takes place in a house, with only two protagonists: They express the inner turmoil I live in.

This page was last edited nofman 15 Juneat Brutal in its intent and drive, gentle in its detail and humanity.