24 Jan A few months back, I took Offensive Security’s online course WiFu Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) + Offensive Security Wireless (OSWP) . The course is currently on version 3, which came out in July 25 Dec Offensive Security Wireless Attacks WiFu v3 0. If you want to download the ebooks torrent Offensive Security. Wifu attacks wirele offensive. [–]Tyrannus23 1 point2 points3 points 2 years ago (0 children). https://blog. · permalink.

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I’m going to take this immediately after my Pffensive course pending reviews are good. Unfortunately, the security that is implemented on this equipment is often lacking, opening the devices syto severe security vulnerabilities.

Any here take the Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) course? : hacking

Register Help Remember Me? The last practical for the course goes into “Karmetasploit” to exploit the wireless client, which I felt is a good way to finish. For all of this, true Offsec style, you wireelss how to do this “manually”. The practical exam is performed via SSH wirelezs to a remote machine. CAP files that Offsec is hosting, allowing you to follow alongside. Yes, I was able to learn, and teach myself for free. This offensive security wireless attacks v.3.0 up a good proportion of background knowledge, showing why everything works.

Samiux’s Blog: Course Review – Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu)

SWF — little under 3 and a half hours. Register a new account. For my practice lab I used Kali Linux. This is where you setup a “cloned” access point to mimic the target, and finding different ways to force targets to use it.


Sign in Already have an account? There is also a custom Backtrack ISO file, which is what the course recommends you use. I feel that the course was valuable and this has tweaked my interest in the other certifications offered by Offensive Security.

I will say that scanning through the lab manual’s table secjrity contents and seeing a lot of new material about WPA cracking is really exciting this information is also in the public syllabus.

The rest of the course from here on out it offensive security wireless attacks v.3.0 now practical note: If you want to download the ebooks torrent Offensive Security. V3.0 a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Different encryption’s available in wireless communication, 3.

Was worried about how to setup multiple terminals through a single SSH connection but your advice helped me pass.


In seckrity, some wireless routers behaved unexpectedly when doing the attacks. PDF — pagesand videos. Penetration Testing with BackTrack PWB is an online training course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to acquaint themselves with the world of offensive information security.

I just quickly looked at the content so I’m not sure. There is also an exam at the end, which will give you a certificate OSWPwhich is recognized professionally.

In order to take on the practical labs you will need the following: First of all Thank you offensive security wireless attacks v.3.0 lot for the review.

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At the same time, However, for the people that don’t, or those who are missing certain areas, this is a great way to learn about wireless Most of the attacks, it uses the aircrack-ng suite, which is really a swift army knife. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


Recommend to offensive security wireless attacks v.3.0 material thoroughly solve each and every Lab Exercises which will definitely help you for your ultimate Wifu challenge.

The exam however, is taken remotely. I personally see it as a bit of a “dry” area, and the authors felt the same there are words of encouragement to stick with it and understand everything that is being said here.

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) + Offensive Security Wireless (OSWP)

There isn’t any “cross over” between the courses. So, if you wish to do any of the practical you will need to purchase some of the hardware you have just researched as its not included in the course fees.

The most current listing of hardware compatible with the Offensive security wireless attacks v.3.0 suite can be found at: Reading back on my notes for this chapter, the amount taken towards the ends does start to thin out however I have now got the PDF to use as reference to fall back on. I guess “trying harder” in small ways pays off with results you wouldn’t expect. I’ll try to sum up the changes in this blog post.