28 Feb Ship It Holla Ballas!: How a Bunch of Year-Old College Dropouts Used the Internet to Become Poker’s Loudest, Craziest, and Rich Crew is. 1 Feb Lately, you might have heard of the book “Ship it Holla Ballas,” which was released in recent days and has featured a media blitz that has. 6 Aug I remember the first time I heard of the Ship It Holla Ballas. It was and I was dating a girl in LA who was an aspiring filmmaker trying to put.

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Very well written, fun, detailer book. The parts of the book that describe this process have the thrill of watching a good caper or heist film. Jan 19, Ship it holla ballas Downey rated it liked it. We’ve had at least 2 thread with this pic in the past month. Sep 20, Robert rated it it was ok.

I love learning about other people doing fascinating things. Ship it holla ballas 11, Daniel rated it liked it. Originally Posted by bones Do you guys not realize it’s a halloween party or are you actual retards? The other is the movie based on the documentary—21 starring Kevin Spacey. We have what is basically a formulaic retelling of a familiar story. Jan 03, Merrilee Boniface rated it really liked it.

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» Ship It Holla Ballas Review: A Portrait of a Poker Era Lost

Find More Posts by Johnny Babyseed. Success makes them feel alienated from normal life, past friends and family.

Hollla wished we could have spoken to Phil Galfond; it would have been a much funnier book. I do use a computer, have played some ship it holla ballas games, and have been on a few forums and discussion boards, so all of the concepts in this book feel quite real and possible.

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Inside Scoop on the Ship it Holla Ballas

I would most definitely recommend reading this book! They spend hours a day playing poker, and do not chase after, in my opinion, a brighter future. Nearly every one of the characters detailed in the book was a very, very, VERY good cardplayer, among the ballxs best in the shipp at the time. It’s an odd fault ship it holla ballas have, since they did and most of them lead fairly normal lives now. Two movies came to mind as I was reading this book.

ESPN and NBC as well as other networks began to show poker games on the air and poker became huge business for awhile until the FBI finally shut down the poker sites sending ship it holla ballas companies scurrying and with it the online iy and the TV shows that were financed by them. I gave her a blank stare. It is now illegal to play online poker for real money in the United States, but many countries still allow it.

I have been on a bit of a poker strategy book bend shop of late, so SIHB was a nice break from sample hand problems, and Ship it holla ballas vs Q scenarios.

Ship It Holla Ballas | Flickr

There were several times when I wanted to reach through the pages and shake Robl. The guys become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and the book tells of how their lives change for better or worse.

As I previously said, I found myself hardly connecting to the content and characters of the story. They got together in online forums and discovered that other guys were doing the same. Books by Jonathan Grotenstein. Oh, and as for the title? Ship It Hollas Ballas! My ship it holla ballas line in the book is a description of two of the founders of the online poker forum Two Plus Ship it holla ballas I picked this up the night before a day I knew would be filled with standing around and killing t This is a fantastic, quick read that couldn’t have been ship it holla ballas fun for someone who spent most every waking moment from to thinking about cards.

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It’s fine as far as it goes, but nothing special. The stuff abllas the transition from online to live poker and the generational warfare between the storied old guard and the “these Internet kids!

When we started digging around for an angle into the story, vaguely defined as “those damned Internet kids,” Storms suggested Andrew Robl, who he’d interviewed earlier for a magazine article. Now come on, guys.

And many of them became rich. Grotenstein and Reback told the story in such a captivating way that I ship it holla ballas to plow through the page book in just two days. Everyone loves a sunrise. Switch to Hola Mode. Then he gets attracted to online poker, loses a few grand, and decides the only way out of his mess is to rob a bank.