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STAS 1478-90.pdf

Consumption of cold water and hot water and domestic sewage discharge is appropriate a total stae four staw. Cold water needs of the building for domestic and sanitary purposes is 1. In terms of the flow and pressure fluctuations in the network street, not allowing a proper functioning of the interior installation, provide for a pumping plant with its own container member 50 liters to liters buffer tank opened and the pump has a flow of 0.

Se keep entry and exit routes from the building to replace staz pipes, observing the existing crossings by foundations and walls basement. Fundamental requirements calculation and design.

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Disposal of wastewater is the road network via the existing home that will limit the property to recover the maintenance allowance actuale. Instalatia is installed in the basement laundry.

Imobilul record comes with the following equipment and sanitary:. Obiectele sanitary valves will isolate type sublavoar corner.

Instalatii Sanitare si Termice: INSTALLATIONS. SANITARY

Grup heating bathroom with shower equipped with sink, toilet facility on board tank, shower. Publicat de instalatiisanitaresitermice la In the state of writing project:. NP-Standard Standard for the design, implementation and operation of fire fighting facilities. For protection were provided strainer on the supply of drinking water and building the boiler feed line, a Y and a magnetic filter.

Legaturile columns do so: Apele consumption is domestic waste is collected by columns mounted in the dustbin drain pipes joined with hot water, cold water, heating, and horizontal collectors outside the building leading to the home waters of drainage existent.

Clear All handling is done by the installation of drain valves located in 178 basement with portfurtun the distribution pipes and connected to the sewage that flows through the basement. Toate ie tees, reducers, elbowsare the brass nipple zincata.


STAS pdf – Documents

Documentation was approached at DTAC. Building height is the basement, ground floor, attic, bound for the house and is composed as follows:.

Providing drinking water sas and wastewater is channeled through the existing network connection to the premises and the new indoor facility proiectata.

Racordul the sanitary sewer is the joint technical curves and floor drains with multiple connections and connection for vertical drains dishwashers and plumbing fittings rufe. Hot water needs 0.