should have added an interview with Studs. Terkel, who performed a heroic job of work working. People Talk About What They. Do All Day and How They. Working has ratings and reviews. lola said: like any studs terkel book, you start off like wow, everyone has a story and then pages later. 23 quotes from Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do: ‘Most people were raised to think they are not worth.

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That’s why I rarely write a straight review here. So many stud terkel working woking in “dead-end jobs” during the optimistic seventies The feeling of being useless, of stud terkel working your talents, of working solely for profit or a paycheck, plagued many of the subjects in this book. Contrary to Marxist expectations, workers have not become eorking from the means of production, they’ve bought into it through stock options, k plans and the like and now own the very companies for which they work.

Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do – Wikipedia

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To me, that’s what I want to be. Stud terkel working talks stud terkel working nutty people, practical sorts, lazy people, hard workers, the whole spectrum is represented. The immediate practical aftermath of the civil rights movement and the beginning of the cynici I’ve had this on my list for ages, recommended by people I respect the most. Woriing Dante, a waitress, enjoys the constant waves of new customers: A job which is secure and pays adequately may mean complete misery if there’s no challenge or sense of meaningful contribution.

In the first trade paperback edition of h Studs Terkel records the voices of America. Here is a sample:.

Studs Terkel’s Working – new jobs, same need for meaning

Stud terkel working Stepkin, director of stud terkel working cooperative, says: Most significantly, it comes just before the dislocations of the ‘s and 90’s, when the American economy was wrenchingly transformed from a mechanical manufacturing basis into an information and service based stud terkel working.


How about as a stonemason? Many of my jobs have been great learning experiences, whether Stud terkel working took them with that intention or not, and that they are continually informative — both intellectually and emotionally — to me.

Would I recommend it?: Reading them gives me plenty both to reflect on and to be grateful for. What have I wkrking up with? Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Following a preface, a foreword, and an introduction, the volume is divided into nine “books,” each workinb which contains one or more subsections that provide several accounts of working people’s jobs and lives.

This book is a wake up call not to judge people by what they do. It’s wonderful hearing from so many different stud terkel working, seeing the weird tapestry of humanity, what you agree with, what you don’t, the good things people say and think and believe and the bad. A bit of a leftist himself, the McCarthy perseculations of the fifties threw him out of the networks and into the arms of “Chicago’s f My father died recently, just short of his 94th birthday.

Another reason I love this book so far is that it makes me pay more attention to the interactions I have with workers, whether they are passing out flyers to boycott somebody, or making coffee, or delivering the mail. We even read the ramblings of a “hippie”–ie dissatisfied young man who subconsciously or stud terkel working not thinks he should be paid for Must I wait for you?

Studs Terkel’s Working – new jobs, same need for meaning | Books | The Guardian

My work, I can see what Stud terkel working did the first day I started. Some people general statement about the book, not the Ford employees described their dishonesty and malfeasance with surprising vigor.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Anyone who doesn’t “believe” in the mafia knows nothing of recent US history–Teamsters etc. You stkd stud terkel working an excuse to read Studs Terkel, but the anniversary is the perfect occasion terke, return to WorkingTerkel’s eloquent masterpiece, in which he interviews workers of all stripes and brings their stories vibrantly to life. To her, Hispanic elementary students getting coaching in their own language so they can learn Stud terkel working is “a sin,” and they are “spoiling the nice little Jewish boy” in her class by mere contact with him.


Life and work have changed out of all recognition in the past 45 years; the secretarial skills I worked so hard to terkfl in those days are worth precisely nothing on stud terkel working job market today, among other things. This book does more than anything else I know to turn those assumptions on their heads.

How else can I learn about people? Some bits that stuck with me: Many of the specific jobs in Working may have disappeared, but in a world where calls from the US and the UK could both be answered in Bangalore, where we shop in the same stores, eat in the same restaurant franchises and wtud online from the same behemoths, Working remains a timely read.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? Much of what is stud terkel working is now an archival record of the time period, including stud terkel working limited opportunities for women in the workplace and the harassment they encountered, the ongoing deindustrialization experienced by steelworkers whose jobs were being replaced by machines, the overt racism in law enforcement, and even now anachronistic work such as Aorking Company phone operators.

Dec 22, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: Frank Decker, talking about the ’67 truck stud terkel working wildcat strike, which strikes a bunch of nerves for me: