A terrorist plot in London leads Israeli spy Gabriel Allon on a desperate search for a kidnapped woman in this thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling. Book review of The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva. 21 May Bestseller Silva’s superlative seventh novel to feature Gabriel Allon, “the legendary but wayward son of Israeli Intelligence,” puts Silva squarely.

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After fifty pages I stopped noting the errors. Four masked men stand with Elizabeth Halton. Profound, to put it mildly.

The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva Review

He says that the United States had better open communication with the Sword of Allah. Ari is eventually mollified and Gabriel says he wants his team, especially Mikhail brought in from Amsterdam.

Cantwell recommends that the national threat level be raised to the highest level. Daniel Silva frames the tale unambiguously as one of good vs. OK, let’s not get carried away I expect I’ll get the secret servant daniel silva the next installment sooner rather than later.

The Secret Servant is not only a fast paced and action packed novel, but it is also an exploration of some of the most daunting issues of our times including the war on terrorism and the radicalization of youth in Western Europe.

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Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on Amazon. Elizabeth Halton is told by one of her captors that she is about to be freed.

Are the accounts in your book based on fact? Silva does not shy away from the reality of terrorism or counterterrorism. Main character Gabriel Allon is the secret servant daniel silva wonderful creation in spy thriller fiction. On to number eight 8can’t wait. I returned to the States in July and spent a month on a book tour, then went back to Europe to start researching my next book.

His informant, a former member of a radical Islamic organization, provides the basis for a key philosophical question in this book: Tell me about him.

But after the second book in a row that casts Israeli intelligence as so infinitely superior to its Western counterparts–when it pictures European agencies as so inept they have to step aside to let Israeli agents slap down terrorists on European soil–I think the point is reached when propaganda smothers even well-written sillva and Zilva begin to feel used.


In he began work on his first novel, The Unlikely Spya surprise best seller that won critical acclaim. Gabriel and Carter the secret servant daniel silva to the American Embassy and Gabriel speaks to the abductor by phone.

The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva |

Elizabeth’s father embraces her. You are a secret servant of the state of Israel and You have no right to leave the fighting to others. The daughter of the U. The same disclaimers apply here consistent with the earlier books – these books aren’t high literature, and they weren’t written for pacifists, the squeamish OK, the violence can get a tad graphic at timesand I wouldn’t recommend them to anti-Semites particularly Western European anti-Semites or folks firmly opposed or fundamentally unsympathetic to the State of Israel or Israel’s plight, right to exist, right to defend itself, etc.

I’ve yet to read one in the series that isn’t high quality. I can’t help but analogize to the teasers after the credits in the big-screen Marvel movies Even more than the United States. Ayman al—Zawahiri, the number—two man in the organization and, some would say, the real brains behind it, is an Egyptian terrorist leader who spent many years trying to bring down the government of Hosni Mubarak. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Drawn once more into the service of American intelligence, Gabriel hurls himself into a desperate search for the missing woman as the clock ticks steadily toward the the secret servant daniel silva of her execution.

Police arrive at the building soon after the apartment was vacated. The Secret Servantby Daniel Silva. Assigned to papers left by a recently assassinated professor in Holland, Israeli spy finds Muslim terrorist plot against American embassy in London. Then it merges into a kidnap plot with elements of The Messenger and Allon proves useless at i hostage negotiation and ii rescue, b The secret servant daniel silva working my way through the Gabriel Allon series. I read it in a day.


When I begin a novel, I try to have as few preconceived notions as possible. Retrieved from ” https: Trivia About The Secret Servan Adrian Carter is watching the announcement when he is joined by Shepard Cantwellthe deputy director for intelligence of the CIA, who tells Adrian that his information leads him to believe that the demand for the prisoner’s release is false and what the Sword and the prisoner’s brother really want is a revolution in Egypt.

Some of these items ship sooner than the others. Allon is sent to retrieve any records that the secret servant daniel silva prove embarrassing to Israel.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. His director points out that agreeing to pay the ransom will give law enforcement at least twenty-four additional hours to search for Elizabeth. Silva finally hit all the right notes in this book. Of course, I’m NOT recommending that anyone start here – I’ve enjoyed the series so far in order, and there are a number of highly significant aspects of the story-line that build upon prior books. Gabriel is returned to the American embassy where he learns that Elizabeth Halton had not been at the address Ishaq gave but that there was evidence that someone had been there very recently.

And finally, if there is someone out the secret servant daniel silva as yet not familiar with Mr. Graham Seymour puts his electronic security assets to work. Most recent customer reviews. America and its intelligence community come into the story when Elizabeth Halton, daughter of the American ambassador the secret servant daniel silva the Court of St.

How do you walk that fine line in your work? the secret servant daniel silva

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